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  1. Posted by Simon on 02 Nov 2013

    Nice new website Ray, well done.

  2. Posted by cora bell on 02 Nov 2013

    Kielder BOPC is a brilliant place with loads of friendly staff and fantastic birds. Haven’t been able to get up for ages but hopefully will be able to bring my son in Spring/Summer.It’s a great day out and there’s loads of other attractions and great scenery. This new site is great!!

  3. Posted by Craig on 02 Nov 2013

    What a fantastic website, much better than the old one.

  4. Posted by Sharon on 02 Nov 2013

    Thank you all for the nice comments. I think it just proves that a join effort always works best x x x

  5. Posted by Cath on 02 Nov 2013

    If you would like to add a comment but are confused by the “Captcha” box. I’m told it is an anti spam feature and all you have to do is type the answer to the question into the box :)

  6. Posted by William on 02 Nov 2013

    Had a great visit to you centre the other day. I loved the barn owl that landed on my hand. My Mum found this link for Sima’s movie, I hope other people like it as much as me.Have a look at this movie trailer with Sima the White Tailed Sea Eagle from Kielder Birds of Prey Centre.

  7. Posted by lesley Ferguson on 02 Nov 2013

    Love the website but would really like a more regular update on the ospreys please? Is there any chance of a webcam anytime soon?

  8. Posted by Cath on 02 Nov 2013

    Thanks for your comments about our new website Lesley, we are glad you like it. Unfortunately the osprey information is not under our control. We would love to see a webcam too.

  9. Posted by John (Kilvy on 02 Nov 2013

    We had a great time and the kids loved having the birds land on their hands (with Ray’s help). Ray and his team do an excellent job and the birds are fantastic.We’ll definitely be back.

  10. Posted by Iain and Janet Clark on 02 Nov 2013

    We did the ‘Introduction to Falconry’ course and had a fantastic time helping to fly and feed many beautiful birds of prey. Wonderful surroundings near Kielder Water, a wide variety of stunning birds of prey, and friendly and knowledgeable staff who obviously care about their subject. Highly recommended! We plan to bring our little girl along when she’s a bit older.

  11. Posted by Gemma and Gary McDonald on 02 Nov 2013

    Thanks for an amazing day yesterday – we all had the best time – we were totally blown away by the whole experience, we chatted all night about different things we had enjoyed and learnt. We would recommend a day at Kielder Birds of Prey Centre to everyone.

  12. Posted by Richard on 02 Nov 2013

    After visiting several bird of prey centers all over England five years age, we found Kielder by chance and thought it was the best we had seen. After returning this year, still think it’s the best around, enjoyed the way the bird handlers interacted with all the visitors, getting them involved with the flying events. All the staff were really friendly and informative. Would love to come back and perhaps do the photography day. Thank you, Richard & Shirley – New Zealand

  13. Posted by Richards Family on 02 Nov 2013

    Thank you to all at Kielder for such a brilliant day. We all loved it and will be back again soon!

  14. Posted by Grant & Elaine Sowerby on 02 Nov 2013

    We spent three fantastic hours here, wandering around looking at the birds as well as watching both flying sessions. Ray certainly knows his stuff. He and his staff make everyone very welcome. Highly recommended and very child/disabled friendly. Well done Ray.

  15. Posted by Elizabeth Metcalfe on 02 Nov 2013

    Thank you for your visit to Highfield Community Primary School today. Our children loved getting close to the beautiful birds. I know it was an experience they will never forget.

  16. Posted by Ray Lowden on 02 Nov 2013

    Thank you Highfield Community Primary School. I really enjoyed my visit to your school today. The children were a credit to the school and the staff have done a fantastic job of educating and engaging the children.Best wishes,Ray

  17. Posted by Jeremy on 02 Nov 2013

    I just want to say a big thankyou to Ray and all his staff,i was given a falconry experience day as a birthday present,this is called a bird management course by the centre and lasts for 5 hours,although i’m not in the process of getting a bird,and what a day it was,i will mention a few of the things i did as it would take pages to put it all down.

  18. Posted by Jeremy on 02 Nov 2013

    From below email, i got to feed Bo a young Malaysian wood owl while he sat on my gloved left hand,Then i it was time to feed Cora a young American black vulture in her aviary, now cuddly is not word one would normally use to describe a vulture but Cora was just like a puppy or kitten playful and mischievous, next Ray showed me the falconers equipment,explaining what it was made from and how it attached to the bird etc,then came the magicians trick?or how to attach a swivel to the jesses and tie the falconers knot with just your right hand as your left hand would have the bird perched on it,after more weighing,holding and feeding birds it was time for lunch,after lunch it was almost time for the first flying display of the day, weather permitting there are two flying displays a day, and i was included in both displays, i went onto the flying field with Jonathan and first up was Conan the harris hawk,as i held up my gloved hand Jonathan called Conan and he flew to my fist and Jonathan fed him as soon as he landed, back and forth he flew to Ray and then to me, at this moment you feel privileged you have entered the falconers world and this is what it is all about just you and the bird, as i said at the beginning i have just mentioned a few highlights of my day, Ray is a man who is absolutely passionate about these birds and there conservation,and who demonstrates his passion and knowledge to everyone especially children by involving them with the birds in his flying displays,so if you or someone you know likes or loves birds treat yourself or them to a day that will not be forgotten, take your camera along and one of Rays staff will capture your day for you, Ray to you and your staff thanks for letting me join your small family for the day,thats what it felt like, to sum it up it was Fantastic

  19. Posted by grace Aynsley on 02 Nov 2013

    we really enjoyed the afternoon. And were very impressed with all of it.will definitely return as it was so good.You all need to be congratulated on a superb facility
    Thank you again it was great..

  20. Posted by John on 02 Nov 2013

    Brilliant day today, best birds of prey centre in Northumberland by a mile. Keep up the good work.

  21. Posted by Clare on 02 Nov 2013

    I was given a day at the Centre for my birthday, which was definitely the most imaginative and interesting present I’d had for ages. It is an incredible privilege to see a bird of prey up close and to interact with it. Ray and his team are doing amazing work to increase our understanding of these birds and it is such a delight to share in his wisdom and enthusiasm. The proof of his skill is seeing the tip-top condition of the birds themselves and their confidence and calm when surrounded by visitors. A wonderful day out – thank you so much.

  22. Posted by simon croft on 02 Nov 2013

    great place you have there ray love coming to see the birds hope you can make some money from the stuff me mum made as the effort you and your helpers put in is brillant keep the great work up superb look forward to coming up again

  23. Posted by sonia brunton-collins on 02 Nov 2013

    absolutely fabulous took my mum and my kids, fantastic value. my kids can’t wait to go back to hold the birds again

  24. Posted by theresa L on 02 Nov 2013

    I think Kielder Water Birds Of Prey is the best Birds Of Prey centre in the world!!

  25. Posted by Louise Burns on 02 Nov 2013

    Brilliant website, fantastic birds, had a good day on sunday.Hope the pelicans enjoy the fish.young sea eagle did brilliantly. good luck for the winter. :)

  26. Posted by Ken and June Ellis on 02 Nov 2013

    Visited your centre today. Thank you so much for letting me feed one of your fabulous falcons. It was an amazing experience and we can’t wait to come back at Easter and see all the birds flying. I especially loved your new owl Pearl, a Tengmalms owl I think, she was beautiful. Thank you Ray and the team.

  27. Posted by The Williamson family on 02 Nov 2013

    Visited the centre on Sunday 5th Feb and had a wonderful time. You’ve got a fabulous place there. I got some great pictures of your stunning brds, I particularly loved the owls :). I’ll be back in the summer to see the flying displays.

  28. Posted by Zoe on 02 Nov 2013

    Hi Ray,Just wanted to say that we really enjoyed our visit last year during August bank holiday weekend. Thanks for the experience!So much so, that we’re back sometime this spring for a falconry half day.In addition, such a small world. Funny thing, you knowing my fiance’s dad Ron!Take care and See you soon!

  29. Posted by Emma & Jason on 02 Nov 2013

    Visited the centre Friday 24th February and had a great time – well worth a visit. Thank you so much for letting me hold the owl (so cute) and feeding the Merlin and Saxon. Such a shame there was no flying today but we will definitely be back in the summer for the flying.

  30. Posted by Julie & Mark Wakeland on 02 Nov 2013

    Visited on 13th March 2012 & had a fabulous time! The keepers were very friendly & knowledgable & gave us a great insight into the world of the birds – they obviously love their work. As there were only a few of us, we were able to fly several birds – a lifelong ambition fulfilled. What a wonderful experience & well worth a visit, especially out of season. Many thanks!

  31. Posted by Trisha and Michael on 02 Nov 2013

    We were lucky enough to visit the centre on a beautiful sunny day. The welcome was amazing and the staff were so friendly and helpful. Ray the owner was fantastic in his knowledge of the birds , something which he is more than happy to answer questions about.The whole day was so much more than I expected and would highly recommend the introduction to falconry course which gives a chance to see all aspects of caring and looking after the birds.I truly cannot wait to revisit in the summer and have a catch up with everyone.Many thanks to all the team again for making our day so special.

  32. Posted by Martin on 02 Nov 2013

    By far the best Birds of Prey Centre I have ever been to, can’t fault the staff or the birds. The flying displays were brilliant and having a bird land on my hand made me feel truly humble. This magnificent creature was free to fly away and never return if it wanted to but it was happy to soar around and then come back and land on my hand. This place is like a 5 star hotel for birds. Awesome

  33. Posted by Janet croudace on 02 Nov 2013

    great day out staff very friendly and helpful would definately recomend and go again

  34. Posted by kojie on 02 Nov 2013

    brill bopc one of the best

  35. Posted by pauline ross-paterson on 02 Nov 2013

    thank you so much for the time you spent educating my son this week…..he had such a wonderful time and all the staff were very patient and understanding with him….i can not recommend the BOPC enough and wish i lived closer……can not wait till we return in november

  36. Posted by Tracy on 02 Nov 2013

    We had a fantastic visit to the birds of prey centre today. Amazing to see the birds and you and your staff were excellent, very welcoming. Wishing you continued success, keep up the good work!

  37. Posted by Dr Barbara Holl on 02 Nov 2013

    Husband Ray was keen for us to visit the Centre with friends, Rosie and Chris on Monday August 13th 2012. They and us were NOT disappointed and delighted to see ray and helpers STILL in the same location after all the time we have been away. It is some years since we made the first visit and many return visits. We loved the display and the care and attention RAY L gave to the group of young carers from Sunderland. Patience and respect on both sides was a pleasure to witness. Now we will adopt a bird again. WELL done everyone

  38. Posted by Katherine and James Clune on 02 Nov 2013

    I have been to Birds of Prey Demos before – probably the best (till now) was near Rutland Water, which has lovely grounds to explore and find the different aviaries, followed by a demonstration. This was a memorable experience, but nothing so good as the experience at Kielder Water. There were two demonstrations and we came back for the second one. Ray, the key handler brought out birds I had not seen do demonstrations before. He makes sure that everyone has lots of goes at having the birds fly to them – I have never been so close to so many species. His descriptions of the training and risks for the birds were very informative; as well as being very happy to answer questions. Highlights – the range of birds, the amount of handling, the comic pelicans running up and down and the Kite removing a youth’s hat and flying off with it! Recommend a visit – most definitely.We visited in the last week of August.

  39. Posted by miss emma noble on 02 Nov 2013

    I visited with my family on sunday 9/9/12 and have to say the staff were fantastic. my son is autistic and the staff made sure he was involved and encouraged him to try things like stroking willow. He loved having the birds flying to him and mentioned it at school today which is a first for him telling people what he’s done over the weekend. I would highly recommend a visit well worth the money!!!! many thanks to Ray and staff for a great experience!

  40. Posted by Mrs S Walker on 02 Nov 2013

    This is the best birds of prey centre that I have ever been to. The flight displays are wonderful – the staff have a great rapport with the audience and you get really close to the amazing range of birds. We took our 16 month old son and the staff were very considerate of his safety whilst enjoying the flying display. Thank you for such a great experience!

  41. Posted by Nicole on 02 Nov 2013

    A couple of friends and myself were staying at Leaplish last weekend and had a fantastic time – the bird of prey centre is not to be missed! It is definately the best I’ve ever been to. We loved being able to see so many types of beautiful birds in one place and the staff were wonderful – they were very friendly and informative and made sure everyone got to interact during the bird display. They also seemed to have a really great connection with the birds and their passion for their work was very apparent.

  42. Posted by Katie Rogers on 02 Nov 2013

    We were visiting the UK from New Zealand for five weeks, and our visit to the Kielder Birds of Prey centre was one of the highlights of our trip. Loved the first show so much, we stayed for the second, where a completely different set of birds were displayed.It was obvious how passionate and knowledgable Ray and his team are about the amazing range of birds they care for and train. It was a real privilege to experience these awesome birds flying to our gloved hands. Thank you so much!

  43. Posted by Nickey Forster on 02 Nov 2013

    Am a great supporter of the Bird of Prey Centre and all of the work that Ray and his team do there to educate the public, care for the birds and provide an all round fabulous experience for visitors. As the owner of an accommodation business not far from Kielder Water, I am confident in saying that the visitor offer made at the centre is outstanding and the feedback from guests is always positive. Continued good luck Ray with your amazing visitor experience and bird sanctuary.

  44. Posted by Sarah Chisholm on 02 Nov 2013

    Hi Ray, we haven’t been up for a while but we still know the centre is fantastic and the best one we have ever been too. May try to come up on Friday. Sarah, James, Will and Emily.

  45. Posted by Tracey Boyce on 02 Nov 2013

    The weather was dreadful – rain and snow – so no flying display, but that didn’t matter! Instead we had a fabulous time chatting with Ray, and I achieved one thing off my ‘tick list’, holding and feeding a bird of prey! It’s all hubby and I talked about on the journey home, and since! It’s obvious Ray cares very much for his ‘feathery babies’. A wonderful experience. Thank you Ray!

  46. Posted by Jessica Bell on 02 Nov 2013

    Had a fantastic afternoon at the centre – Ray and his team display a real passion for the birds and it was great to see the display. They involved every member of the audience in the display and openly invited us to take photographs, which some centres charge extra for. Well worth a visit… If only more people were as passionate about species conservation and education.

  47. Posted by Ruth Scott-Smith on 02 Nov 2013

    When my husband offered me a “Hawk Walk” I wasn’t too sure ~ BUT I had a really wonderful walk with Jonathon and Loki the Harris Hawk ~ but not until Ray had given me a pot full of ‘sticky bits of chick’ and let me feed his two baby owls ~ WOWAll the staff are very keen to share their considerable knowledge & experience ~ they were so good, we stayed for the flying display and we really enjoyed that too 😉

    Thank You So much for a really wonderful day

  48. Posted by Brad Gowland on 02 Nov 2013

    Brilliant day to celebrate my birthday, staff very helpful and birds amazing an all round fantastic day I cant wait for my next visit thank you

  49. Posted by Maria on 02 Nov 2013

    Loved every minute of the demonstration made everyone there a part of it will defiantly be going back next year Well Done Ray and all the staff who are very welcoming and very informative loved the tiny little owl who loves being stroked aww bless thank you

  50. Posted by Phil Rayson on 02 Nov 2013

    Had a fabulous unforgettable day with my two sons. A great big thank you to Ray and all his staff. Will definitely come again. Cheers

  51. Posted by Cath on 20 Dec 2013

    Just a note to explain why all the post date are the same. On 2nd November 2013 we move our website to a new place on the internet (not sure of the technical term!) As all the guest comments were moved across as well they all now appear with 2nd November 2013 as their date. The joys of modern technology :)

  52. Posted by Peter on 28 Feb 2014

    Thank you to Ray and all the team. You made my daughter’s day by letting her feed that owl. She has never stopped talking about it since.

  53. Posted by Venessa Richard on 10 Apr 2014

    Excellent day out, lovely surroundings, beautiful birds, knowledgeable and friendly staff, superb environment, even delicious food at the Boat House.

  54. Posted by Sophie on 16 May 2014

    I am staying in Kielder village at my boyfriends parents house and we decided to go visit the centre today and I cannot reccommend it enough! The staff were really friendly and got everyone involved, they really know their stuff about the birds and were happy to answer every question we had and even invited us back again tomorrow to see some more birds flying and also told us to write some more questions down if we think of any. Stroking the little owls was amazing too and the centre really is involved in the conservation and education of these beautiful birds.

  55. Posted by Graham King on 05 Jun 2014

    What a fantastic day we had at the Birds of Prey Centre. Ray and his team really looked after us. 3 generations , great grandma , granddad grandma and grand daughter. 9 years old to 86 year old in a wheel chair all had a great time flying and feeding the birds and interesting information from the team. Special thanks to Jonathan for the feeding experience with the little owls and his paitenc

  56. Posted by Tina Moysey on 17 Jul 2014

    We had a truly fabulous day at your wonderful centre. Ray, the owner, couldn’t have made us feel more welcome and the rest of the staff were brilliant too. Nothing was too much trouble. The birds that are there are beautiful and you can tell they’re very well looked after. Our daughter is bonkers about birds and Ray made sure that she was involved in the show, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Can say, hand on heart, the best Birds of prey centre we have visited. If we are ever in Northumberland again, we will definitely be visiting again!!!

  57. Posted by Tom on 27 Jul 2014

    Just a lovely place to spend an afternoon. The birds are amazing, and the staff are top notch. If you’ve got young kids I cannot recommend enough that you stay for a flying demo – My 4 and 6 yo haven’t stopped talking about it all week!

  58. Posted by James on 02 Nov 2014

    We visited this birds of prey centre in October during the half term break. My kids loved being able to get so close to the birds. We were shocked at how many birds there were and all so well cared for. The centre is spotlessly clean and the birds are in fantastic condition. The day we visited the wind was gale force so they weren’t able to fly the birds but the “meet the birds” they did instead was brilliant. My son got to hold and feed a peregrine falcon and my daughter was over the moon that she got to feed one of the little owls. All in all a fantastic day and we can’t wait to visit again next year. I thought this was great value for money as your ticket is valid for the whole day, there aren’t many places who let you go in and out like this. Keep up the good work.

  59. Posted by Kenneth Murdoch on 28 Nov 2014

    My grand-daughter, Victoria had a “birds of prey” experience three years ago, which was brilliant for both her and the family. Last week at school she was asked to tell the class about “the best day of her life”. Well, she told the class about her birds of prey experience, and the detail that she remembered was amazing, so take it from me, SHE REALLY DID ENJOY IT. I could go on but I won’t, I’ll just say THANK YOU, RAY.

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